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  November 2015
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27-11-2015 -- Tender Selection of vendor for the Annual Maintenance of IRDAI SAP-ERP Application
27-11-2015 -- Tender Design and Implementation of Intranet portal-Publication of Pre-bid queries [80KB]
27-11-2015 -- List of TPAs Updated as on 26th November, 2015
23-11-2015 IRDAI/LIFE/CIR/ADV/209/11/2015 To the Chairman / CEOs of all Life Insurers Benefit illustration/s in Advertisements of Life Insurance Products [341.9KB]
20-11-2015 IRDAI/Reg/20/110/2015 NOTIFICATION IRDAI (Other Forms of Capital) Regulations, 2015 [207.57KB]
20-11-2015 IRDA/INT/CIR/ORD/208/11/2015 All Insurance Intermediaries Guidelines on Indian Owned and Controlled for Insurance Intermediaries [588.53KB]
19-11-2015 IRDA/TPA/ORD/MISC/204/11/2015 FINAL ORDER In the matter of M/s East West Assist TPA Pvt. Ltd. [595.24KB]
19-11-2015 IRDA/TPA/ORD/MISC/205/11/2015 FINAL ORDER In the matter of M/s East West Assist TPA Pvt. Ltd. [2767.19KB]
18-11-2015 -- ORDER Constitution of Implementation Group on Ind AS in the Insurance Sector [791.94KB]
18-11-2015 IRDAI/CAGTS/GDL/LCE/202/11/2015 To CEOs of all insurers and CIEs of all existing Corporate Agents Instructions for obtaining Certificate of Registration under IRDAI [1328.45KB]
18-11-2015 Volume XIV, No. 9 IRDA Journal September, 2015 Road Safety and Motor Insurance - Towards safe driving and insuring [1439.85KB]
17-11-2015 IRDAI/Reg/19/109/2015 NOTIFICATION IRDAI (Insurance Advertisements and Disclosure) (Amendment) Regulations, 20 [197.43KB]
17-11-2015 -- Exposure Draft Regulations on Preparation of Financial Statements and Auditor s Report of [1112.87KB]
17-11-2015 -- EXPOSURE DRAFT IRDAI (Expenses of Management of Insurers transacting Non-life and Health [63.06KB]
16-11-2015 TAC 2015-2016 Life Products Terms and Conditions of Life Products for F.Y. 2015-16
14-11-2015 IRDA/IT/13-14/142 IRDAI invites sealed tenders under two bid systems for the Supply of 117 Nos. of laptops on a buyback basis with the existing desktops [384.33KB] [236.5KB]
14-11-2015 -- Tender Empanelment of IT firms for supply of skilled resources on time [552.79KB] [195KB]
14-11-2015 IRDA/IT/15-16/165 IRDAI invites sealed tenders from reputed IT firms for Design and implementation of Intranet Portal with colloboration capablities [761.07KB] [487KB]
14-11-2015 -- To All Minutes of the 89th Meeting of the Authority [108.02KB] [6966.13KB]
13-11-2015 -- Exposure Draft Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (Lloyd’s India) Reg [90.61KB]
13-11-2015 IRDA/NL/ORD/CMT/199/11/2015 To all Non-Life Insurers Constitution of Committee on Motor Dealer payouts on motor insurance [662.39KB]
13-11-2015 IRDAI/F&U Guidelines/2015 Exposure Draft Draft Exposure on GUIDELINES ON “PRODUCT FILING PROCEDURES FOR GENERAL INS [942.51KB]
09-11-2015 IRDAI/Reg/18/108/2015 NOTIFICATION IRDAI (Insurance Surveyors and Loss Assessors) Regulations, 2015 [955.5KB]
06-11-2015 IRDA/ENF/MISC/ONS/195/11/2015 Final Order in the matter of M/s. IDBI Federal Life Insurance Company Limited [938.88KB]
06-11-2015 Exposure Draft IRDAI (Actuarial Report and Abstract) Regulations, 2015 [736.77KB]
06-11-2015 IRDA/INT/CIRC/INSRE/197/11/2015 CIRCULAR Issues pertaining to issuance of Electronic Motor Policies [631.38KB]
06-11-2015 EXPOSURE DRAFT IRDAI(Assets, Liabilities, and Solvency Margin of General Insurance Busines [476.45KB] [121.21KB]
05-11-2015 -- Notice Inviting Tender Empanelment of Advertising Agencies [988.24KB] [280.5KB]
05-11-2015 -- Tender Notice Tender for printing of Calendars with Covers [135.92KB] [86KB]
05-11-2015 -- Notice Inviting Tender Tender for printing of Policyholders Handbooks and other related work [259.8KB] [132.5KB]
05-11-2015 -- Notification Cut-off marks & Marks obtained by candidates in the online written exam
04-11-2015 IRDA/NL/CIRI/MOTP/196/11/2015 CIRCULAR Motor Third Party Premium rates for e-carts (A3/A4), e-rickshaws (C1(b)) [789.84KB] [40KB]
03-11-2015 HR/Recruitment/November/2015 Notification Provisional list of selected candidates for the post of Assistant/Rajbhasha [314KB]
03-11-2015 IRDA/CAD/CIR/MISC/194/11/2105 Circular Non Compliance of award of Insurance Ombudsman or Order of MACT or Consumer [172.46KB]
03-11-2015 -- To all Holidays for the Year 2016 [1114.95KB]
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