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Tariff Advisory Committee
Ref. No: IRDA/ORD/TAC/ 050 /Jan-08 Date: 03-01-2008
Constitution Of Tariff Advisory Committee
                   Consequent upon TAC Elections-2007, pursuant to the provisions of the Insurance Act 1938, read with the Insurance Rules 1939 [as amended by the Insurance (Amendment) Rules, 2004] and the Tariff Advisory Committee (Election of Members, Meetings, Functions & Miscellaneous) Regulations, 2004 (the Regulations), the Tariff Advisory Committee is reconstituted w.e.f 1st January 2008 with the following members:
1. Shri C.S. Rao, Chairman IRDA                                                                 Chairman
2. Shri K.K. Srinivasan, Member (Non-Life), IRDA                                     Vice-Chairman
3. Shri Bimalendu Chakrabarti                                                                       Member
4. Shri M. Ramadoss                                                                                       Member
5. Shri V. Ramasaamy                                                                                     Member
6. Shri G. Srinivasan                                                                                         Member
7. Shri Swaraj Krishnan                                                                                   Member 
8. Shri Ajay Bimbhet                                                                                          Member
9. Shri Yogesh Lohia                                                                                        Member
10 Shri H.M. Deshpande                                                                                  Member
            Members mentioned at Sl. No. (3) to (10) above have been declared elected, pursuant to the election procedure laid down in the Regulations, to represent insurers in the respective constituencies as enshrined in the Rules. Any vacancy in the office of the aforesaid elected representative(s) of insurers will be filled in as per the provisions of the Regulations.
The next election of representatives of insurers on the Tariff Advisory Committee shall be held and results thereof declared before 31st December 2010.
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